Posted on: June 3, 2009 7:55 pm

Who would do such a Thing?

A topless coffee shop in Maine was destroyed by fire.   
Kudos to the owner of the Coffee Shop- &   God Bless the American entrepreneurial Spirit  combining two of life's great pick-me ups.....

Posted on: June 1, 2009 7:14 pm

Brooke Shields 5 minute Abs

Ok- nice comments from Brooke Shields during a recent interview......

I think I would have had sex a lot earlier! [Laughs.] I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22. I had the public and all this pressure, and I wish I had just gotten it over with in the beginning when it was sort of OK," the actress says. Shields also believes she would have been happier with her body image had she become sexually active at a younger age. "I think I would have been much more in touch with myself. I think I wouldn’t have had issues with weight -- I carried this protective 20 pounds [in college]. It was all connected. And to me, that’s a health regret."
Ok-  when i was a teenager- i probably would have been giving a big Whoooo hooo!!! to her comments-       but as a parent-      really??    brooke-   nice message to young girls out there....     not feeling good about yourself????     go knock it out  & not only will you feel great-  but you'll drop those extra pounds... 

I could see the line now-         Bim:  "do i look fat???"        billy: "why yes you do,  in fact i was just reading where the Brooke Shields Diet guarantees weight loss of 20lbs or more with a easy to follow program cheeseburgers & .....

Not trying to be a prude-   -   but the whole message is bad.   Maybe the reason you had extra pounds & didn't like your body wasn't that you weren't having sex when you were 15 years old.(she said she should have had sex in the beginning- so i'm assuming she is talking about having sex at least by the blue lagoon era when she was 15...  hopefully she wasn't talking about pretty baby when she was 13!)  
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Posted on: June 1, 2009 6:48 pm

Rams- Go anywhere- just not back to LA-

rumor mill is reporting- owners of the Rams are looking to sell-   & they don't care if buyers come from outside St.Louis.   

With the family history of screwing local/loyal fans,   I'd say there is at least a possibility of the Rams moving again.    
So-  i'd like to make my plea to Rams ownership---   STAY AWAY from LA!    I've done my time as a Ram fan & would rather have the extra game on TV. than have you back.   My hope is someday we can get a expansion team & start from scratch with solid ownership committed to winning-   not the tradition of penny pinching & backstabbing passed down from Georgia F(aka:the B*tch).  
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